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"EKI-NEKI" - Ukrainian brand of healthy food. The idea to start a business for the production of "EKI-NEKI" mini-breads, was born out of our desire to provide our family and friends with a healthy snack alternative. We all want our children and grandchildren to grow up healthily. That is why we have created a natural, nutritious and healthy snack with no preservatives or flavour enhancers.

"EKI-NEKI" Mini bread was created for health conscious people, that lead active lives and take care of their health. They genuinely care about their loved ones and seek the best for them. They therefore have a responsible attitude to food, so "EKI-NEKI" is at the heart of their family values.


Mini-breads EKI-NEKI

Cereal mini-bread "EKI-NEKI" is a high-quality, healthy food with a very pleasant taste. Unlike other snacks "EKI-NEKI":

  • does not contain preservatives or flavor enhancers
  • is a source of grain fiber
  • is not not fried
  • EXTRA-VIRGIN olive oil



Mini-breads EKI-NEKI CORNwith Provencal herbs, 40 g.


Mini-breads EKI-NEKI RICEwith Provencal herbs, 40 g.


Mini-breads EKI-NEKIMULTIGRAIN(corn, rice, buckwheat) with sea salt, 40 g.


Mini-breads EKI-NEKI MULTIGRAIN(rice-corn) with paprika, 40 g.

How your EKI-NEKI mini-breads are made?

Our Production team create "EKI-NEKI" as follows:

First, we apply the puffing process and with a select choice of cereals, and a combination of high pressure and high temperature, we create a crispy mini bread.
Then, we lightly sprinkle our mini-breads with a mixture of Sunflower Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Finally, we add a hint of sea salt and Provencal herbs or paprika.

"EKI-NEKI" - food to keep you going through your busy days with the energy of cereals, natural oils, and a refined bouquet of herbs.

Where to buy EKI-NEKI?​

​We are constantly working to expand our retail outlets, to make it easier for you to buy EKI-NEKI

We welcome any enquiries! :)


    18002, Ukraine,
    Cherkasy, Khreschatyk St., 195, of. 307
    Dinatex-Alpha, LLC